24 Fit Camps


Our 24 Fit Camps are essentially about 3 things!!!

1. Fun - There is great camaraderie and fun! It’s not all about some drill sergeant yelling at you (although we will encourage you). The sessions are approached with a fun attitude and we encourage all participants to do the same. There is great fun to be had in doing things you thought you could or would never do!

2. Fitness - 24 Fit Camp is for beginner to advanced fitness levels. As long as you have no complications from injury or illness you will survive. We cater for individual fitness level differences. The fitness gains you will see are amazing!!! People start off not being able to run a mile and end up wanting to run a marathon. Significant fitness increase is 100% guaranteed!

3. Fat loss - 24 Fit camps will change the shape of your body! Fat loss is also guaranteed! Better muscle tone is guaranteed! Greater strength is guaranteed! For all of your hard work and fun you can expect to see some amazing changes in your physique!

24 Fit Camp workouts burn twice as many calories as traditional workouts!

Because you’re moving rapidly from exercise to exercise while working all the major muscle groups at the same time you can burn a ton of calories. Nothing burns calories faster than doing total body movements.

You can expect to burn 400 calories or more in a single 24 Fit Camp session. And since your building lean muscle at the same time you can get a real fat loss dynamo from this combination.

24 Fit Camp workouts allow you to save time!

If you’re pressed for time to exercise, a 24 Fit Camp workout is one of the most efficient programs you can do. It allows you to get cardiovascular work and strength training done in a single workout which means you’ll spend less time exercising.

You won’t be getting just any cardiovascular work done either. You’ll be doing high intensity anaerobic exercise which helps to promote growth hormone release for increased fat burning.

24 Fit Camp workouts won’t leave you bored!

Sure, a 24 Fit Camp workout is going to be challenging, but never boring. I bet in your heart you already knew anyway that hard work would be part of the deal. The key is staying consistent with your workouts and it’s hard to do that if you’re bored.

Your mind can wander when you’re on a treadmill but not in a 24 Fit Camp workout. You’re always moving and there’s a rush of energy and motivation coming from the whole group working together and encouraging each other. You can’t help but get into a zone when you’re doing a 24 Fit Camp workout and be totally focused.

24 Fit Camp workouts build confidence!

There’s nothing quite like the feeling you’ll get when you’re finished with a 24 Fit Camp workout. You’ll be totally spent, drenched in sweat but strangely energized and renewed.

There’s a surge of feel good endorphins that hit your body when you’re done. It’s like a drug and you can’t wait to get that feeling again. You’ll leave feeling great about yourself.

You’ve made it through the workout; you’ve won today’s battle and gotten stronger. This positive momentum will carry over to all other areas of your life. You’ll feel like you can take on the world.

I could go on and on all day about how our 24 Fit Camps are one of the best ways to drop body fat fast and get you in crazy good shape but to fully understand you’ve got to get out there and experience it for yourself.

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